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Vehicle Tracking

Sharp Track vehicle tracking software gives you real-time powerful functionality...

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Fleet Management

Your drivers makes trips for long period of time, it is priority to tracks and cargo...

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Personal Tracker

What employer wouldn't want to know exactly where their employees...

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Bike Tracker

Motorcycles are also victims from robbery situations, and in addition...

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What is GPS?

GPS (Global Position System) It is a system that establishes our position with Latitude, Longitude and Height coordinates. It is based on a 27 satellites constellation orbiting the earth at 20100 km of height, needing 11h58m to describe a full orbit. 24 are operational, the other three will become operational if one of the satellites happen to fail.

Awesome features

Order and Cargo Tracking

Track your stuff when it is being transported, and get the perfect location and ETA on your orders.

Fuel & Temperature Monitoring

The tracking unit not only provides tracking but it also monitors fuel efficiency and temperature of your vehicle. 

Security, Road Assistance

Our devices not only track your vehicle but they also give you the real time speed of the vehicle and alarm system for theft control.

Safer Vehicle Renting

Now rent out your vehicles carefree because with our tracking devices and system you can get a hold of your vehicle anytime.

Fleet Performance Analysis

Running a large fleet of vehicles and managing them is now easy with our fleet management system installed.

Emergency Help

While in crisis it`s hard to focus on what`s important. Now with our system installed in vehicle you do not have to worry about that.

What Client’s Say

2100+ All India Customers Use Sharptrack GPS Service

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