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A GPS Tracker is an electronic security device which is installed in your Vehicle. A GPS Tracker communicates with Satellites to get its exact location on Earth which are called co-ordinates. The GPS Tracker then transmits these co-ordinates also known as Latitude & Longitude Information to our Data Centres where we store the information about your device via GSM Network. These Co-ordinates are then translated into an address and reported back to you. GPS Tracker can report various security events like Car Ignition On/Off, Vehicle Tampering, Theft, Speed of Car, Location of Car, AC status in the car, Fuel in Cars/Trucks.
No, our devices are installed fully in compliance with automobile vendors. We don't cut any wires in the vehicle making it warranty safe.
Since our devices work via satellites a GPS Tracker can go anywhere in the India. This totally depends on the GSM Network.
Our system is a fully online web based system, you can login to view your car details from anywhere in the world.
Yes, you can visit our website and application via mobile to check the status of you car.
Our system uses Latest Google Maps Version 3. These are the best in the industry so far.
Yes, Of course all the data is stored on our servers for a period of upto 3 months. You can see exactly where your car or truck was at a given point of time.
Yes, Our devices have fuel check facility also.
Yes, We have customized fuel sensor for Indian Trucks with sizes starting from 12 inches upto 28 inches.
No, Sim card is provided with our GPS Tracker.
Our units are quite small and are often installed discretely. The vehicle device does not require any assistance from the driver.
The vehicle device has functions to alert you of such situations. If vehicle battery power is diconnected, it will send you a SMS alert (charges applicable). If it does not receive GPS data, it will send you a SMS alert. Finally, if our Application Server does not receive data from the vehicle device, we alert you about this
Yes, there is a one year warranty on the vehicle device. However, incase the vehicle device is tampered with or reinstalled without the services of our trained personnel, the warranty will cease to be valid.
A Geo fence is a virtual boundary defined around a location or area on the Earth's surface. The existing location of an asset (characteristically acquired using GPS) is evaluated with the boundary and an alert triggered on entry or exit. A Geo fence may be a simple circle defined by a centre coordinate and radius, or a more complex shape defined by vertices of a polygon or a series of circular arcs.
It is 12 month offsite from the date of installation/activation against manufacturing defect. The warranty will be void in case of any tampering.
Yes, you can. But the SIM should be GPRS enabled
Go to our demo page, click on Sign-Up! FREE, fill up the form by giving all your information mentioned there and click JOIN. Now you can LOGIN using your user-id and password, corresponding vehicle and date to view the demo.
For tracking, there are no difference between registered user and demo user. But registered user will get extra features like Vehicle Edit, Report Generation etc. over demo user.
There is no limit to how many vehicles that can be tracked by the DG-Tracker fleet management system.
Customer Support can be reached via email
Depending on the insurance company, a discount may be available for Anti-Theft devices which the Digilog Systems service can qualify as. Ask your insurance agent or carrier to see if they provide an anti-theft device discount.